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Health Maintenance

Chiropractic Concepts of Health Maintenance

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We have been educated since childhood that the absence of symptoms means we are well. We have been taught that if we have any symptom we should simply “take a prescription”. Drugs and medications have become so commonplace that we don’t question if we should take them or not. In reality, the overuse of prescription drugs has contributed to the opioid crisis that this country is now facing. The chiropractic approach to well-being is based on “maintaining health” versus “treating disease”. 
When a person truly understands the concept of health maintenance, he or she can make the educated decision to take charge of their own health. The premise that the body is capable of maintaining health, provided it is given proper essential ingredients, namely food, water, rest, clean air, adequate nutrition, and a properly functioning nervous system, is basic to Chiropractic. 
Chiropractic teaches that health is not a commodity that can be purchased in a pill or bottle; it can only be obtained and maintained by allowing the natural recuperative powers of the body to function unimpaired. Locating minor spinal deviations early, before they interfere with the proper functioning nervous system and produce symptoms, will greatly assist your body in remaining healthy. 
A maintenance approach to our most priceless possession, our health, certainly deserves some serious consideration. Health cannot be purchased with a pill, substituted or stored, but it can be lost quickly.
Regular spinal adjustments are a part of your body’s defense against illness. The effectiveness of chiropractic health care is measured by benefits realized for a lifetime. I strive to keep my patients well through 100% natural methods. I have many patients that come to see me monthly for an adjustment and take quality supplements. This is their health care and they don’t go to the medical doctor at all unless it’s absolutely necessary. 
I invite you to take charge of your health through regular Chiropractic adjustments and see the difference. 


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