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Antioxidants: What exactly are they?

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You’ve heard the word Antioxidants numerous times, however could you define it? I hope to take the mystery out of this word and help you understand what they are and how they help your body.

Anti means to prevent, oppose or to fight against. Oxidant,  acts as an electron acceptor that creates oxidation of molecules in our bodies. They can lead to formation of cellular byproducts like free radicals. 

Free Radicals? These are generated inside our bodies as byproducts during normal healthy metabolic activities such as digesting foods into energy as well as exercising. They also will generate in response to exposure to enviromental stresses such as cigarette smoke, pollutions, etc. 

An interesting thing about free radicals is they have an uneven number of electorns, which can make them unstable. As free radicals will grab electrons from other nearby molecules they can alter their structure (or function) which can lead to oxidative stress. 

 How does oxidative stress affect me?  As free radicals create oxidative strtess, your cells and tissues can get damaged, which when widespread enough can lead to various conditions and diseases, including cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,  and many many other bad things. 

The work of antioxidants: Antioxidants work by donationg electrons to free radicals, causing them to stablize and halting their dextructive potential. 

Where to get antioxidants: You should look first to food which naturally has these health-promoting nutrients. Fill up on a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens, beets, carrots and berries are rich in antioxidants.  Supplements  are very beneficial but it’s important to know the quality and substance of these. I use Standard Process supplements which are derived from organically grown whole foods.  Some of the most powerful anitioxidants come from curcumin known  also as tumeric.  Turmeric Forte is a wonderful supplement that I have several patients on, I can hardly keep it on my shelfs as patients notice the benefits rather quickly. Many of my patients have noticed a reduction in sore joints, as well as ability to lose weight easier. Other supplements to look for would include grapeseed extract which supports cardivacular health and immune support. Coenzyme Q10 for additional heart support. Vitamin C is exellent for immune support, green tea ia also very helpful for heart health as well as skin and anticancer support. 

I hope this helps you better understand what antioxidants are as well as why you need them and how to increase them through natural methods. Information came from Sage Magazine volume 2 The Bloom a healthy living magazine distributed from Standard Process. 

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