• Herbal Tonics

    The definition of herbal tonics: In herbal medicine, herbal tonics are used to help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being.  Herbal tonics are a solution or other preparation made from a specially...

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  • Turmeric and It’s Benefits

    Turmeric the plant that curcumin comes from has been in the news a lot lately. This amazing herb has been used for thousands of years in India and has a long history of medicinal use.  This ancient plant is making headlines for the many benefits...

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  • Posture Matters

    Posture Matters Sitting Up Straight Can Change Your Life! We’ve all heard the taunts from parents growing up to ‘sit up straight’ and ‘not to slouch’ - but how often did we listen?More importantly, how often did we consider exactly...

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  • Goodbye Allergies Forever

    If there was a natural, safe, and effective way to stop allergies forever, would you listen? There is a quote we often share with our practice members and it really captures the suffering that people experience when faced with allergies.“When...

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  • Pregnancy Joint Dysfunctions

    Joint Dysfunctions During Pregnancy The spine is made up of 24 independent vertebrae and protects the spinal cord, a major part of the central nervous system, which is a complex bundle of nerve tissue. Pregnancy puts the body (and spine) through...

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  • Chocolate 101

    The Timeline of Chocolate Approximately 4,000 years ago, the cacao plant was discovered by the Olmec people of Southern Mexico. At this time, however, the cacao was not being processed to make the chocolate bars we know today. Instead, the beans were...

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  • Weight Loss that is effective and sustainable.

    Natural and Permanent Weight Loss We need to shift the focus. Only 20% of dieters who lose weight on a diet end up keeping it off in the long term. With the current obesity stats as they are in the world today, this figure is just too low to be helpful...

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  • The Science Behind Happiness

    Life’s Too Short to Not Be Happy!   Did you know happiness is a lifelong pursuit that actually requires some work?  Also, happiness is a choice. Life will test your happiness because nothing is perfect.  Lastly, happiness...

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  • Achieve Proper Health and Wellness This Season

    After aiding people in their quests to achieve proper health and wellness, I have learned that many people practice poor nutrition habits because deep down, they feel poorly about themselves.  In their minds, they don’t like themselves, so they...

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  • Slipped Disc

    What is a slipped disc? Your spine is an amazing thing! It consists of a series of bones that are stacked onto each other. The cervical part of your spine is at the top and has 7 bones(vertebrae), followed by the thoracic spine which is located below...

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