Disc Decompression

IDD-Disc DecompressionDr Rockers Chiropractic Disc Decompression

Disc Decompression therapy is a form of traction which can help bulging and herniated disc.  The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 51% of all back surgeries are unnecessary!  Disc Decompression therapy has an 86% success rate for disc herniation’s and a 97% success rate with disc bulges and other back problems according to the American Academy of Pain Management.  This is an enormous  success rate! Call today for an appointment!

IDD  works great on disc bulges, herniation’s, arthritic conditions, lost mobility and movement, sciatica and more.  Best of all it’s noninvasive and extremely safe.

This therapy is offered at our office below standard pricing in the Kansas City metro.  Call us today before a back surgery to see if we can possibly prevent  it with this therapy!


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“I started their weight loss program and I have lost 20lbs. in 2 months!”

-Tom G.

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