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March Newsletter 2018

March is National Nutrition Month

At Rockers Chiropractic we strive to provide the best quality supplements and shakes that can be offered to our patients. However more importantly I desire for YOU to be informed on healthy choices for you and your family. I believe it starts with our diets. It starts with your choices at the grocery store, and what you choose to eat when dining out.

When choosing produce it’s important to know the cleanest choices at the grocery store. Below is a list of what you should always select organic.
The 12 most toxic fruits and vegetables are:
Sweet Bell Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Snap peas – imported
The good news is you can actually grow many of these in a home garden and enjoy them without the harmful substances put on them to preserve and grow them commercially. 

The Clean 15 fruits and vegetables are:
Sweet Corn
Sweet pea- frozen
Sweet Potato
These you can enjoy and not buy organic.

Understanding Labels
Certified Organic – and Natural


There is a big difference between a certified “organic” product and a “natural” product.  Food products can be labeled “organic” only if they are independently certified as meeting U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program standards.  However, with the exception of meat and poultry, there is no legal definition of “natural” as it applies to food. The term is unregulated. 

The USDA defines “natural” only in the context of labels on meat and poultry, and that definition is very narrow. Under USDA organizations, meat and poultry can be labeled “natural” if it is free of artificial flavor or flavoring, coloring ingredient, or chemical preservative or any other artificial or synthetic ingredient, and if the product and its ingredients are not more than “minimally processed.” The USDA definition of “natural” for meat and poultry does not address the presence of antibiotics, growth hormones or other drugs and/or pesticides, nor does it address issues of animal welfare.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Confusing 

Eat twice as many vegetables as fruits.
Select Meat & Protein wisely consuming 2-3 servings per day – Your portion size is the size and thickness of your palm.
Eat poultry (chicken, turkey etc.) and always organic if possible. Red meat choices should have the label “grass fed if at all possible – If you are not able to get free range organic meats, choose leaner options. 
Cold water fish wild caught
Eggs (organic and free range if possible)
Grains Choices – Quinoa
Sprouted Grains
Wild and Brown rices
Lentils, beans and other legumes.
Limit caffeine and drink plenty of water. You should aim for half your weight in ounces of water each day. So if you way 150 lbs you should drink 75 oz of water every day.

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