Tuesday, Jul. 30th 2019

The Mysteries of the Thyroid

Mysteries Revealed!

Dr. Rockers

Rockers Chiropractic The Thyroid Gland

For most of us, health is an important aspect of well being. Take your efforts one step further by gaining a better understanding of how the thyroid works and what role it plays in maintaining wellness.

During this experience, I will discuss the various functions of the thyroid, explain where in the body it’s located, what system it belongs to, and what other glands support its purpose. I will also share natural tips for improving and maintaining the health of your thyroid. 

When it comes to the inner workings of the body, too many people lack the necessary knowledge they need to achieve optimal health. Get in the know by joining me on Thursday, August 1st! I will be presenting on this live on Facebook. If you miss it I invite you to view our videos on our FB page and you can learn about the mysterious thyroid there!

My goal is to help participants gain a better understanding of the functions of the thyroid and how to support thyroid health. All are welcome. Please invite friends and family to join you on your journey to personal enrichment.

All materials are from Synduit. Thank You!

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