Thursday, Dec. 20th 2018

Weight Loss that is effective and sustainable.

Natural and Permanent Weight Loss

We need to shift the focus. Only 20% of dieters who lose weight on a diet end up keeping it off in the long term. With the current obesity stats as they are in the world today, this figure is just too low to be helpful in any way to those struggling to improve their health. Why is it this way? With such varying arrays of mixed messages in the media regarding what is healthy and what will ‘work’ to achieve sustainable weight loss, it’s easy to see how so many people have wound up misled and confused. We need to shift the focus away from achieving numbers and sizes and start to focus more on achieving HEALTH. When you shift your focus towards achieving optimum health instead of lowering your weight to fit some idea of what you think it means to be healthy, you allow yourself space to cultivate balance in your life. Balance means to find a healthy, achievable, and sustainable lifestyle change that also supports and promotes weight loss where necessary.

Weight Loss Kansas City

There are simply too many ‘ weight loss ‘ diets and promotions out there today for all of them to be effective and sustainable. Too many people fall into the trap of quick-fix weight loss goals and unnatural methods that ultimately leave them distraught and unhappy once the weight comes piling back on.

On January 7th 2019 at 7:00 PM I will be hosting a live webenar on Rockers Chiropractic Facebook page sharing information about how you can achieve sustainable and healthy weight loss. Please sign up for this informative event. I look forward to helping you finally reach your weight loss goals and maintain them going forward. To sign up please register here

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“I started their weight loss program and I have lost 20lbs. in 2 months!”

-Tom G.

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