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Raising a Healthy Family Naturally and Drug-Free

Raising a Healthy Family Naturally and Drug-Free
I have many pearls of wisdom I have learned in my 20 years of practice that I use at home for my own family which I would like to share with you.  Many conditions children have, respond well if not better to natural therapies rather than drugs (medication). Drugs should be the last choice of health care, our health care problem in America is due to the public running for medications which are costly and only cover up your symptoms.   Remember medications all have side effects and all must be broken down or detoxified by a person’s liver.

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First I feel everyone should be under chiropractic care your nervous system controls every cell tissue and organ in your body and what I do as a Doctor of Chiropractic is to remove nerve pressure due to subluxations.  Subluxations can occur in any joint of the body but in the spine, they create nerve pressure which a person may not feel.  Why they may not feel it is because 90% of the nerves run your organs, glands, muscles, and only about 10% are sensory nerves that transmit hot, cold sensations touch and PAIN.  When you are out of alignment (subluxated) odds are the nerves affected will not be sensory and you will not feel pain but may have organ dysfunction, or muscle tightness.  I treat children under the age of ten free in my office if their parents are under care.  The youngest patient I have adjusted was a 10-minute old infant.  Yes, kids need chiropractic to go out of alignment just like you do.

Common colds and the flu: Nutriwest total virx, Standard Process congaplex, Hylands complete flu care

Coughs: Energique’s Herbal cough syrup

Ear infections: liquid goldenseal one to two drops in the ear at night place a cotton ball in the ear

  • Side note: Did you know the government has said that antibiotics should not be used for ear infections and that some research shows children given anti-biotics will actually have more reoccurring ear infections than a child given nothing at all.  This is because almost all ear infections are viral, not bacterial thus the antibiotics do not work.

Dental Carries: Standard Process Biodent, and Congaplex no need for fillings in children

Bruises, contusions, falls: Energiques Trauma Gel, an amazing product  for all ages

Anti-biotics: Colloidal Silver remember your probiotics!!!

Pink Eye and other eye infections: Colloidal silver 8 to10PPM place a drop in your eye per day

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