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Losing weight can be a struggle. Why not incorporate the guidance of a healthcare professional.  At Rockers Chiropractic weight loss programs are designed for your bodies specific needs.   

Our Weight Loss programs are customized to help you lose weight and achieve your goals with delicious nutritious products. It is possible to lose weight and feel great at the same time. You will have more energy and develop lasting healthy eating habits that can last you a lifetime.  The following programs are affordable and effective for lasting weight loss.

Not every person loses weight the same way. In our clinic, we determine what your body needs to lose weight and maintain an optimal weight.  If you are interested in just dropping a few extra pounds to look great for a special occasion or you need extra help to lose 25 lbs or more we can help you.

Our programs are designed specifically for your needs!

14-day weight loss program

This is designed for the individual that needs to lose weight quickly or to jump-start a longer program. Delicious shakes and supplements to aid you in your appetite control are included in this program.

10-day programs to target specific conditions

Sugar handling – This program will supply your body with 10 days of high-quality whole food supplements. Results show that you will develop a strong foundation to help control the underlying causes of unbalanced blood sugar and jumpstart a new phase of wellbeing! Do you have symptoms of unbalanced blood sugar? These symptoms include fatigue, belly fat, irritability, craving for sweets and/ or coffee, afternoon headaches, lightheaded or shaky if meals are delayed, excessive appetite, forgetfulness, dizziness and poor circulation.

Female vitality – This program is designed to balance your hormones and rediscovering your vitality! The female vitality program is specifically designed to “reboot” your system by assisting to balance hormones and ignite various body systems to better deal with toxins and other stressors that can have a negative effect on your vitality and overall wellbeing! This program is ideal for those that are suffering from fatigue, reduced vitality, sleep issues, mild PMS or menopausal symptoms, depression or mild cramping. This is also for those suffering from long-standing PMS or menopausal symptoms, loss of libido, moderate to severe cramping, hot flashes or bloating.


Inflammation – The inflammation program is specifically designed to support and maintain a normal inflammatory response within your body so you can return to and have an active, pain-free lifestyle! Do you have inflammation issues? These symptoms include minor aches and pains, fatigue and lethargy, swelling, skin problems, joint stiffness when you wake up or after exercising, belly fat, dark circles or bags under the eyes, sinus congestion, irregular bowel habits, bloating and puffiness also water retention.

21-day programs – are also available to address more serious conditions such as Candida as well as numerous other conditions.

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Client Testimonial

“I started their weight loss program and I have lost 20lbs. in 2 months!”

-Tom G.

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