Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

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The nutrition in a normal American diet today falls well short of supplying people with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Thus, we have become a society that supplements prescription and over the counter medications for symptomatic relief of our deficiencies.  It is of my clinical opinion that everyone should be on a supplement program to maximize their health and healing power.  Even if your diet is great, today’s vegetables and fruits don’t have the nutrition in them they had 50 years ago and leave us short of vital nutrients.  In 1950 an orange had about 100mg of vitamin C in 1990 they tested oranges again and found only 5mg of vitamin C in an orange.  The reason for this is over-farming of the land for decades has depleted all the nutrients out of the soil without fertilizer being used on farms yearly crops will not grow.

 Many people today are taking vitamins, unfortunately, the ones they are taking fall short of supplying nutrients as well.  This is due to the majority of commercial retail vitamins are synthetic man-made pieces of vitamins and not the whole complex found in nature.  An example would be Vitamin. C.  This is normally sold as ascorbic acid in most retail vitamin stores.  Vitamin C found in nature is a complex of ascorbic acid, bioflavonoid, selenium, Vitamin P and K co-factors and enzymes bound together synergistically.  Because of this we only recommend high-quality nutriceuticals.  Companies like Standard Process,  Greens First Pro and others, that are derived from plants grown to vine ripeness harvested and then dry vacuumed at 70 degrees Fahrenheit to pull the moisture leaving the product 100 percent absorbable.

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