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Where Does True Health Come From?

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Where does true health come from?  That question is answered by looking at the body and how it functions.  First, one must understand that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism.  The primary system that runs the body is the nervous system.  This includes the brain, spinal cord and all of the peripheral nerves which run every cell, system, and function in the body.  When a human being is formed the first system to develop in the fetus is the nervous system.  After this then other systems are formed.  

How does the nervous system function?

If the nervous system is functioning normally then the body regulates itself.  You see the brain is constantly sending messages through the spinal cord and peripheral nerves to organs, muscles, and individual cells.  Then other nerves send messages back to the brain from those organs, muscles or cells telling the brain what action occurred.  These messages are going on at 250 miles per hour.  The brain then regulates organs and systems through this communication highway.  When you get a cut on your hand the brain sends immune cells there to fight infection, other cells to clot the area, and then other cells to form new skin.  Wow is the body amazing or what!

How do you fix nerve pain?

Knowing If there is something impeding the nervous system then communication can be hindered.  As nerves leave the spine they pass through openings formed by the vertebrae being stacked on top of each other.  If these vertebrae are misaligned then pressure can be placed upon the exiting nerve causing dysfunction to occur at the end of that nerve.  If that nerve is going to an organ then it may alter it functions as the brain can’t communicate correctly with that organ.  If it is going to a muscle then you may have a weakened or hypertonic muscle.  As it applies pressure to the pain part of the nerve then you will feel pain. knowing that the nervous system is running your body, if it isn’t functioning correctly then your body will not be working at its maximum potential.  A Chiropractor is the only physician that corrects misalignment of the spine.  When a Chiropractor corrects a misalignment then whatever is at the end of the nerve can now communicate correctly with the brain.  Organs, muscles, glands and even individual cells then work correctly again.  At my office, people have had all sorts of organ dysfunction improve after having a chiropractic adjustment to correct misaligned vertebrae.  

How do our diets affect us?

So proper spinal alignment is crucial for health to occur in the body.  The second area of concern is the fuel the body runs on must be optimal.  This is the person’s diet.  Why does America have a health crisis?  Because of the horrible diet that most people consume.  The food we put into our bodies is what we run on.  If the fuel is garbage the body runs like garbage.  Soda, sweets, man-made boxed industrialized foods are not optimal and are harmful to the body.  

It amazes me how some people think they can treat their body like a trash can with a hairy lid on top of it, shoving all kinds of trash into it and then expect it to work well.  The body needs proper fuel as does an automobile.  The diet should be fresh vegetables, fruits, quality meat, and good fat.  Yes, the body needs fat.  Good fat such as avocados, butter, quality fish oil, and coconut oil are just a few.  Most people don’t consume enough vegetables.  You must eat cruciferous vegetables for proper detoxification processes in the liver to occur.  These are brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower.  Fruits should be consumed in moderation eating 1/2 as many fruits as vegetables.  

So start eating healthy today and get to Rockers Chiropractic for proper nervous system function and start on the road to health today!


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