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Disc Problem Cured In Young Woman!

This week I have continued to assist one of my long time patients recover from a disc problem that came on her suddenly in her lower back. Her symptoms were sciatica which is pain that radiates down the leg from the low back.  The cause was a mystery to her as she hadn’t done anything that you would think would cause this.  

She is a young mother who also works full time and has been under my care for wellness for years. So when she developed symptoms suddenly without any known cause the first person she thought to contact was me! I was very glad she did because I was confident that we could get to the root of her problem, rather than just treating her symptoms.  

So I began with chiropractic adjustments to correct misaligned vertebrae that create unequal pressure on the disc. She was also placed on disc decompression to correct any bulging disc. Studies have proven this therapy is very effective, and I have used it numerous times with wonderful success.

She is doing much better and was thrilled that she was able to recover without medical intervention. Like many people today end up in a surgery ward for a disc problem, oftentimes also reliant on opioid prescription drugs that can lead to its own problems. 

A disc injury can, unfortunately, happen at any time and usually when you are just doing your regular activities.  There are several things that can contribute to this type of injury. A sedentary lifestyle, weakening the core muscles of the abdomen places more strain on the spine.  Also, being overweight adds additional stress to the intervertebral disc leaving it vulnerable to injury.  Improper lifting habits can also injure a disc.  Remember to keep your spine straight, bend at the knees and lift with your legs. 

If your suffering from nerve pain down an arm, or a leg, contact our office today. Remember keeping your spine in line will keep you feeling fine. 


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