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Headaches Stopped From Cleanse

Headaches can be debilitating to a person.  Many people needlessly suffer from chronic headaches.  There can be different causes of this painful condition.  Muscular  or tension  in the neck and upper back can cause them.  Side effects from prescription drugs could also be a cause.  Toxicity in the body from drugs, alcohol, food additives, preservatives, herbicides and other sources may be a cause.  Allergies to certain chemicals or foods can also give a person a headache.  As well as the vertebrae in the spine being out of alignment can give symptoms of pain in the head.  

There are research studies showing Chiropractic can be effective for certain types of headaches.  Sometimes other means are necessary to help a person suffering from this condition.  I recently had a patient in who was suffering from headaches, insomnia and pain.  I felt as though this lady needed to cleanse her body from toxins.  She had cancer in her past and went through medical treatment.  Debra consumes alcohol, and caffeine on a regular basis.  She didn’t want to give up any of these things.  I will call her Debra for privacy purposes.  Debra finally agreed to do a 10 purification program from Standard Process.  She followed the program and had amazing results.

Cleanse Results

On about day 5 of the program Debra was improving.  Her headaches were gone, she was sleeping through the night and pain was diminished.  Debra continued to improve and at day 10 was pain free.  The cleanse isn’t difficult to do as you get to eat unlimited vegetables.  Drink healthy nutrient dense shakes.  You also eat protein, fruits and certain grains are allowed.  Debra has started going back to her old habits and has realized what you put into your body matters.  If she wants to stay pain free sleeping well then she will have to decide what she puts in her body. 

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