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Shingles Treatment With Cold Laser Therapy

Therapy for Shingles

A painless, effective Shingles treatment is now available with Class IV cold laser. In the U.S. alone there are over 1 million people who develop shingles annually and could possibly experience pain for years. After an outbreak of chickenpox ensues the virus lies dormant within the cells and neural pathways for many years. The virus reactivates under the stimulus of stressful conditions, decreased immunity and some medications. A significant percentage will develop a complicated condition called postherpetic neuralgia. Postherpetic neuralgia could lead to severe pain for years.

Shingles Symptoms                 

Patient feels unwell
Area extremely sensitive to touch or contact of any kind
Rash consisting of red spots followed by blister formation
Localized to one side of the body
May heal by scarring
Pain may be prolonged, along with extreme fatigue and other
symptoms listed above.


Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free, light-based therapy that uses a combination of red and infrared light using specific wavelengths. The photons of light are absorbed by the mitochondria in cells and results in an increase in cellular activity. In the case of shingles, there have been numerous studies reporting the benefits of cold laser therapy. Cold Laser Therapy will help to prevent the serious complication of PHN (Postherpetic Neuralgia).

Cold Laser Relief provides specific protocols that patients undergoing cold laser therapy will notice an immediate improvement in pain of approximately 2-3 treatments.  Treatments are non-invasive and are done daily for the first 3 days followed by every other day. During the course of treatments, patients usually experience 90-100% relief of pain and other symptoms.

We have treated multiple cases of shingles with great results.  The key to this therapy is getting in during the acute phase.  If the patient has residual pain and neuropathy after the skin break out has healed, then it is more difficult to treat.  It will take more treatments to relieve residual neuropathy. 


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