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Immune System Strengthening

In today’s environment are immune systems are under a constant assault. Stress, diet, lack of sleep, environmental pollutants, toxins in our food and many other items can weaken are immune system today. So it is important to know how to strengthen your immune system. As a natural health care physician I strive to help people stay well naturally. I have witnessed the differences in patients and family members who are proactive about their health and are not. My own children were given whole food supplements from Standard Process, adjusted regularly, and were not given vaccines at an early age. They were extremely healthy children. They rarely missed school due to an illness. Where as many kids miss school days every year due to colds and illnesses.


So in this blog I want to give you things you can do to help strengthen and keep your immune system functioning at its optimal level. First let’s look at your diet. Did you know that certain foods can weaken your immune system. Sugar suppresses the immune system. Understand this I am not just talking about table sugar or the cookies. Sugar comes in many forms as well as certain foods are broken down into sugar and have a higher glycemic index than others. You want to avoid foods that are broken down into sugar. Here is a website that can help you with a chart. You will notice some breads have a higher glycemic index than sugar itself. Potatoes are very high on the glycemic index which means they have more of an effect on blood sugar levels. Eat vegetables daily for nutritional and fiber impact. Your immune system needs the vitamin and minerals that are in the vegetables. If you don’t want to eat vegetables then contact our office for an easy to take supplement.


Chiropractic adjustments are vitally important to a healthy immune system. Did you know that during the 1917 Spanish flu epidemic it is well documented that people under Chiropractic care had a much lower incidence of the flu. A study in the early 2000’s shown that people under regular Chiropractic care had up to a 200% stronger immune system than people not under care. Why is this? Because, the nervous system controls every system in the body including the immune system. So if the nervous system is functioning at a higher level from no interference on it, then the immune system is stronger. So get your regular Chiropractic treatments for a stronger system.

Rest is important for the immune system. Your body does most of it’s healing and regeneration when your asleep. Many adults today lack adequate sleep. You should strive to get 8 hours of restful sleep a night. When you are fatigued and run down your immune system is weakened. Something that can help you get that 8 hours of sleep is to get some blue light blocking glasses. Blue light is emitted from computer screens, tv, led’s, phones, fluorescent lights and effect your sleep rhythm.


The next thing is to do a purification program every 4-6 months minimum. If your diet is poor then you should do one quarterly. These are usually 10 day programs. Where you eat a specific diet. The diet is 5-7 servings of organic vegetables, 2-4 fruits, 1-3 servings of quality protein and one of certain grains. Then you take Standard Process’s sp cleanse pills, gastro fiber and drink 2-3 of their sp complete shakes per day. This 10 day program can eliminate toxins in your body that can overburden your bodies elimination systems. This in turn can effect immune system function.

Individual supplements and vitamins that can help keep your immune system strong are these. Zinc, iodine, Vitamin C, Echinacea, elderberry, astragalus, olive leaf, and vitamin D. If you are eating a well balanced diet then you probably don’t need individual supplementation. However, today few people eat a well balanced diet. Even I struggle to accomplish it regularly. So contact our office today for the above supplements. Most retail vitamins and herbs are of poor quality. Dr. Troy Rockers


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