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Toxins Are Everywhere – What Is Your Plan?

Are you ready for the truth?

You are exposed to toxins every single day. In fact, your body produces its own toxins, or waste known as endogenous toxins, simply by functioning. Your body also encounters external (exogenous) toxins or chemicals made outside of your body. They are in the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, and the products you touch. Exposure to these toxins can overburden your system’s natural ability to detoxify.

Toxins can contribute to:

-Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
-Food cravings and weight gain
-Reduced mental clarity
-Low libido
-Skin issues
-Joint discomfort
-Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset

The most effective way to rid your body of harmful toxins is through detoxification, but not all detoxes are created equally.

Since quality is the #1 value in our practice, we were on a search to find a company and line of products that we could trust. Standard Process® met and exceeded all of the criteria that we were looking for with the SP Detox Balance™ program, alongside all of their other supplements.

From the research and science they invest in, to how they give back to communities, and of course, how they use the highest quality whole-food ingredients from their certified organic farm, Standard Process is the perfect supplement company for you and your family.

On Wednesday, June 16th at 1:00 pm CDT, our webinar, Discover the Standard Process Detox Balance Program, will thoroughly explain the benefits of the SP Detox Balance™ program.

Get To Know Your SP Detox Balance™ Program

There are three words that people share when using the SP Detox Balance™ program.

1 – EASY
Say goodbye to complicated nourishment schedules. Your all-in-one SP Detox Balance™ shakes take the guesswork out of daily prep so you can focus on making healthy choices.

2 – SAFE
Improper removal of toxins can put stress on your body. Our guided program provides balanced, safe, and effective nutritional support for all three phases of detoxification.*

From Standard Process’s organic and regenerative farming practices to their state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, their products bring you high-quality, nutrient-dense nourishment in a clean, more wholistic form.

This is why we are so excited to share this program and answer all of your questions during our live webinar on Wednesday, June 16th at 1:00 pm CDT!

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What Makes The Standard Process Detox Balance Program Unique?

SP Detox Balance™ program provides your body with the additional nutritional support it may need to metabolize and expel toxins safely during each of the three phases of metabolic detoxification.*

Phase I: Unlock

Stored fat-soluble toxins transform into an “unlocked” state that is more water-soluble, and in many cases, more toxic than its original form.

Your SP Detox Balance™ program delivers nutrients that activate enzymes required for Phase I reactions. It also supplies antioxidants that reduce stress on your body, such as tissue damage sometimes caused by these enzyme activities.

Phase II: Neutralize

The highly toxic substances produced in Phase I convert to non-toxic molecules and become even more water-soluble.

Your SP Detox Balance™ program supplies key nutrients and amino acids needed to support Phase ll enzymes. These enzymes enhance the water solubility of toxins.

Phase III: Eliminate

Water-soluble toxins leave your cells, and your body eliminates them.

Your SP Detox Balance™ program provides your body with plant-based fiber and water, which aid in toxin elimination.

You are probably wondering what this program includes, which is why we are hosting this very special webinar, but it is super easy!

Anyone can be successful with this program and during this webinar you will get all of your questions answered to ensure that the SP Detox Balance™ program is right for you.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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At Rockers Chiropractic we understand the body is comprised of the mind and spirit as well. We strive to help in all of these areas. Patients with emotional stresses have benefited from functional medicine. This includes natural herbal tonics, supplements, and whole food vitamins. Every patient is looked at as an individual. Dr. Troy Rockers blends customized herbal tonics for his patients’ needs. These nutritional herbal blends have helped people with all kinds of physical ailments. High blood pressure, female fertility issues, male vitality, mental focus, ADD and more conditions have improved with Mediherb tonics. Emotional symptoms that have improved include anxiety, stress, depression, and sleeplessness.

What’s great about utilizing herbs is that there are few side effect to none depending on the herb. Patients see a medicinal effect with these high quality products. The reason most herbs purchased in retail stores aren’t effective is due to their potency. The brand we utilize are only sold to health care practitioner’s. These functional nutrition herbs are highly scrutinized and tested for efficacy and usage. Dr. Troy Rockers has had been able to successfully help patients eliminate prescription drugs through these natural treatments.

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